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Online Bahrain Travel Authorization

All eligible foreign citizens can now submit for travel authorization to travel to Bahrain before their scheduled departure. It is necessary to complete an online form before visiting Bahrain. The process is available online to foreign nationals. It allows eligible travelers entry into the Kingdom of Bahrain for tourism or business purposes. Valid passport holders can submit easily online to obtain permission to travel to the country.

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Travel Authorization for the Kingdom of Bahrain

It was officially made available online to all eligible travelers in November 2016 by the Ministry of Interior Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs of the Government of Bahrain. It is a travel authorization for eligible visitors to enter and travel within Bahrain. There is the possibility of traveling with either a tourist or a business travel authorization. Both are available through the online form.

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Eligible Countries

Foreign nationals from the countries listed below are eligible to file the petition online to visit Bahrain. Additionally, all foreign nationals residing in GCC Countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman,) regardless of their citizenship, are also eligible to request to visit Bahrain.

The Bahrain Travel Authorization

It permits foreign nationals from the above-mentioned eligible countries to travel to and within the Kingdom of Bahrain for tourism or business purposes. After successfully completing the online form, the approved travel authorization will be sent to the traveler’s e-mail address and will also be linked electronically to the corresponding passport. The applicant must hold a valid passport from one of the eligible countries to travel to Bahrain. The travel authorization for Bahrain will be processed within 30 business day(s).

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Advantages of using our agency to submit

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Services Government
24/7 Online Form
Registration necessary
Fast and easy process
Full review by experts prior to submission to the government of Bahrain
Correction of inaccurate or missing information
Review and authentication of any additional required information
24/7 email assistance and customer service
{Approved Bahrain authorization sent directly to your inbox (.pdf format)
All personal data is secured, encrypted and submitted directly and solely to the government of Bahrain
Verification and validation of required additional information
Email recovery in case of loss
Potential refund if Bahrain authorization is refused

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